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Since 1961, Control Masters, Inc. has been a leader in Industrial Control System Design and Integration. Our Experience allows us to deliver the highest quality custom control solution, specifically designed to your unique needs and specifications.

From the western Suburbs of Chicago, we have been providing our services locally, nationally and internationally to a wide variety of Companies and Industries.

We can provide the Services you need on your next project; developing System Requirements; Design Specifications; PLC & HMI Programming; Control Panel Design; Control Panel Fabrication; Factory Acceptance Testing; Site Acceptance Testing and ongoing Process Optimization and Support. We will work with you from start to finish or anywhere in between.


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(circa 1974)

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Control Masters has been exposed to a wide range of industries, applications and technologies during the past 45+ years. Our core industry expertise includes Food, Chemicals, Plastics, Pharmecueticals, Power, Utilities, Transportation and Stamping. Our application expertise is focused on Process Control, Batching, Continuous Blending, Motion Control, Material Handling, Data Collection/Reporting, SCADA/HMI & PLC Integration. Click here to view our Case Studies.

From Sensors, Instrumentation, Valves, Motors, Pumps, Feeders, Extruders, Conveyors, Mills, Tanks and PLC's, all the way up the Network to your HMI's, Databases, Reports and Portals, we have the Experience you need. You are the masters of your process, but we are the Masters of Control.

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"Committed to being a World Class Supplier of Industrial Control Systems"


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